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Financial information for seniors


  • How is Credit Card Interest Calculated
Budgets and spending plans: Hands on Banking
  • FICO score and credit bureaus
Money safety & security tips
  • Spending & Borrowing
  • Kids & Money: A course for kids and parents
  • Money Basics: SAM Foundation Course
  • Steps to better money management 
SAM 10 Basic Steps

Financial Education Resources

Love and Money: SAM
  • 5 Ways to Protect your Identity
Personal Finance guide
Holidays and Money
Credit Score Impacts
  • Credit Score Impacts Quiz
  • Retirement: SAM Retirement Plan Course
  • Financial Literacy Tests
  • Scams & Frauds: Know how to protect yourself.
  • Personal Finance Guides
  • Financial Guide to Life Events
WorkSheets: SAM
Saving & Investing
  • Saving and Investing
  • Tips for Filing Taxes
Money Smart
  • Love & Money: A course for the wallet and heart. 
  • APR vs. Effective APR
Tips for filing taxes
  • Money Safety & Security Tips
  • Worksheets: From Budgets to Insurance
Financial Literacy Tests
  • Financial Calculators
Retirement: SAM Retirement Plan Course
  • Payday Loans Explanation
  • Financial Information for Senior
Financial Essentials
  • Budgets and Spending Plans
  • Strategy to payoff debt
Money Basics: SAM Course


  • How to set a budget and stick with it
  • FDIC Money Smart Course
Financial Calculators: SAM
  • Planning for the Holidays
  • Options for people who don't like to budget
  • Budget Wizard
  • Negotiating With Creditors
  • Cash Course: Register Now
  • Financial Essentials for Adults


Spending and Borrowing


  • Financial Retirement Course: NEFE 
  • Roth IRAs Explanation

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Retirement Paycheck
SAM Budget Wizard
  • 10 Basic Steps: SAM Budget Course 
  • The pros and cons of store credit cards
Financial guide to life events